Thursday, May 20, 2010


After an epic plane trip which involved circling brisbane for nearly 2 hours cause it was too foggy to land then convincing the American airlines people that yes they did want to put my kayak onto the plane and no they didn't want to charge me $100USD for the privilege I arrived in San Francisco, had some interesting experiences dragging my kayak in and out of elevators, and managed to catch a train to meet Leela and Harmony and a mean vegetarian feed. Spent the first few nights crashed on Nick and Harmony's couch (cheers guys) until I got offered the use of a platform at AWE so now I have a house in the jungle. Been getting some good boating in and a bit of safety kayaking. Leela and I bought a car yesterday so we're off to get it insured and registered now.

My house

Dave with a snake that crawled into his car because he left the door open. He spent the morning pulling the dashboard apart to get it out then we put it in a box and pretended it was a NRS order for Jess - video to follow

My first driving experience in America and I get pulled over within about 5 mins!

An easy drop on Pauley Creek

Pauley Creek

Leela heading down corner pocket on the 49 to Bridgeport section of the Yuba

Monday, May 10, 2010


Spent my last weekend in NZ in Qtown getting my Ross and Keys fix. Good climbing, good boating, good food and good times, heres a few photos

on the Routeburn in all of Key's gear

Yan on the last drop

Ross making us an awesome feed wearing his new onesie

First dusting of snow
on the mountains

Keys setting safety on Kingston

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Checking in

In about 7 hours I will be taking off to the US on my first trip to California, exciting! Hopefully I can figure out this blogging thing and keep you guys updated on what crazy adventures I get up to. Wish me luck and good water levels!