Monday, January 24, 2011

Heretatua on the good side of high

Heavy rain warnings across the North Island not to mention torrential downpour around Rotorua creating a mini lakes district in our backyard and driveway motivated a movement of kayakers everywhere to avoid work and head for the Kaimai Ranges. On our way to the Wainui we spotted about 5 cars and heaps of kayakers classily getting changed in a gas station carpark. Due to sheer numbers of kayakers, the length of the run, and rising river levels Rossco Tim Pete Douglas and I ditched that crew and headed back towards Tauranga for a cheeky Tuakopae run then home for beers. Tuakopae turned out to be over a Rossco height higher than the high side of good so we headed back to McLarens to watch Mangakorengorengo Falls swallow logs and mystics and spit out splinters.

Mangakorengorengo Falls on the high side of high...

The next day after waiting hours for Chris to finish making pancakes for his entire flat we loaded up the van and headed back to McLarens. After a quick phone call to Pete for directions and beta we arrived at the put in to Heretatua at the same time as team Waimarino. Sick creeking with an awesome crew, a good mixture of wicked rapids and sweet boulder gardens added up to equal an awesome Kaimai experience. Big ups to the boys and a special mention goes out to the goose Blair butchered somewhere in between the Tuakopae and Mangakorengorengo. Goose stirfry and red wine at Leith's place provided a perfect end to a perfect day.

Mangakorengorengo Falls the next day on the good side of good

Fingers crossed for more rain this Friday and a short video edit to follow...

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