Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tiki Tour Part 1 - Upper Whitcombe

Last week I went on the most random road trip so far in my life. I'd just finished work for the day, 3 raft trips on the Kaituna, when Pete and Fatty rocked up asking if I would like to go kayaking. Well it was phrased more as an order than an offer "you're coming kayaking, we're going to the Rangitiki". Seeing as I had the next day off work I grabbed my paddling gear and a sleeping bag and jumped in the car with them. Nek minit...

Killa destroying a chicken at Greymouth beach

I'm not sure who said it first but most of the way to Taihape we were cracking jokes about how funny it would be if we just kept heading south and didn't go back to work.

Jess coordinating our cash

We couldn't come up with any good reasons to go back to Rotorua but we could think of millions of great reasons why we should keep heading South. As Fatty put it "Taihape is halfway to Wellington, and Wellington is halfway to Hokitika so we're kind of halfway there already".

Dan helping us out with the shuttle

So we called the bosses "hey Wrighty, can I have a week off work, starting now?". Amazingly they said yes! Shot Kaitiaki and Kaituna Cascades for being awesome and giving us time off work!!! So we continued driving in a southerly direction figuring everything would work itself out along the way....

Still wondering if we're dreaming

I once read a book called The Alchemist by a guy named Paulo Coelho. He introduces an interesting concept that everyone has their own 'personal legend'. According to the book, if you try to realise your dreams and follow your personal legend the universe will conspire to help you on your way. That idea pretty much sums up our 'tiki' tour because two days after leaving Rotorua we were on a chopper heading up to the top of the two day Whitcombe.

me testing out the Tuna on the coast

Pete was the only one who ran this drop, boof the gap land on the rockslide then run the holes after

Weka making it look good

Big ups to DOC for providing the hut

Shot Weka

Jess styling it

Daan proving coasters can boof too

Fatty with a Kaituna boof

Cool rocks, cool rapids, 2 day Whitcombe is a sweet little mission


Daan leading the way

then back to Greymouth for some mean fish n chips, great carbo loading for the next days paddling mish!

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