Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adidas Sickline

I forgot to put something on here about the Adidas Sickline race which I went to for the first time in October last year. Then Nouria made an awesome edit with some of the footage from the girls at sickline so I decided to do a short write up.

Champions Killer

The Adidas Sickline has claimed the title 'the extreme kayak world championships' and is held on the Wellerbrucke rapids on a glacial river in the small town of Oetz, Austria. With its freezing waters, technical rapids, and a strong field of the fastest paddlers from both slalom and whitewater disciplines I think the title is well deserved.

Champion's killer -1 (a very inventive name)

With rising river levels and a strong field I was pretty happy to come away from my sickline debut in 2nd place with Nouria Newman taking 1st and Martina Wegman in 3rd. Special thanks to Voss Rafting Senter for allowing me the week off work to compete and Marcio Franco and Dag Sandvik for the long drive home...

Webisode #6 ADIDAS SICKLINE RACE from TiTs Deep on Vimeo.

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