Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ekstremsportveko 2014

Jordie at the top of the Horgi Ned mountain biking section... Maybe next year...

Photo of Horgi Ned MTB section by
Jakub Sedivy

These famous guys have their faces printed on the 2014 cashless cards

Getting some practice laps on the racing section and doing some filming with Amnesty International, I was feeling so well prepared, until the race got moved to a different section! Photo by Morten Knaps

The plan..

Le Mans starts, everyone loves them! Photo by Anita B Svaler

Photo by Anita B Svaler

Us just staying ahead of Tim and Jamie's team in the head to head race. Photo by Roger Brendhagen


Photo by Roger Brendhagen

The kayak race this year started with this drop...Photo Jared Seiler

Then if you got through the first one without a beatdown you had this to contend with..

 Photo Jared Seiler

Photo Liv Holmstrom

 Photo by Jordan Dorfliger

Antisocial media taking over the lounge

... Safety First

Awesome BBQ at the kayak bus thanks Julian for organising it

Wasn't sure if these guys were going to make it through the week

Double rainbow!

1st Boater X
1st Riverboarding
1st Rafting Head to Head
2nd Rafting Downriver
2nd Myrkdalselva Downhill
2nd Teams Race
and Honorable Citizen of Voss 2014

 Photo by Terje Nesthus

Thanks everyone who put their time and effort into making it happen. Can't wait for next years!