Thursday, October 14, 2010

Raglan Roadie

I found a bunch of people I'd last seen in California a few weeks ago hanging out in the falls. Turned out they were planning a trip to Raglan so I decided to tag along and show them the way. This was lucky for them seeing as they didn't own a road map and thought Raglan was located south of Rotorua. After a fair few arguments about which way we should go and a couple of U turns we finally made it to Raglan.

Awesome sequence of Jess on collision course with a surfer at Raglan

Jess drops in on surfer... (photo: Swayze Parker)

Jess tries to escape wave, surfer tries to escape Jess (photo: Swayze Parker)

Fails, nearly takes out surfer (photo: Swayze Parker)

Luckily Raglan surfers are super friendly with kayakers and don't mind sharing the waves (photo: Swayze Parker)

Fish and chips on the beach, its good to be home!

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