Sunday, May 29, 2011

Upper Clavey

After a 3 hour grade 5 shuttle mission which involved driving non 4wd vehicles through forestry, land slips and super steep rocky terrain we finally managed to get on the Upper Clavey. The guidebook stated an optimum flow of 800cfs and recommended an early start as the 7 mile run has a lot of stacked gradient. We put on around 2pm with a flow of about 1000cfs at the bridge (and found out later that optimum flow at the bridge was 500cfs because a tributary adds 300cfs to the flow shortly into the run). This goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything you read.

Daan lining up the first drop

Ryan styling the boulder gardens

Daan boat scouting

Me, perfecting the boof-plug

Pete Lodge on another cool boof drop

Daan looking for the line

Ryan Lucas firing the end of the world drop

This run is super sick, the flow was definately on the good side of high, and we got to camp and build a massive fire on a bridge at the top of the lower run!

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