Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lower Clavey

After another failed attempt at an early start due to lack of sunlight hitting the gorge we put on to the 20ish mile Lower Clavey. We were a little bit nervous as the river had risen somewhat overnight but we still deemed it to be on the good side of high.

Camping on a bridge!!!

Me hitting a cool rapid right at the put in

Daan styling..

From the put in it was straight into continuous, steep, boulder garden style rapids. The intensity stepped up and didn't ease off until the confluence with the Tuolumne roughly 8 miles from the bridge.

Pete boofing a sticky hole

Ryan hitting the line

Pete Lodge on another cool drop

Me enjoying the scenery (photo Pete Lodge)

Ryan avoiding the sieve

Pete with another super boof

Ryan showing off his Trout Pool boof

Last rapid before the confluence

By the time we made it to the confluence we were all pretty keen to cruise the last stretch of boogie water. We stayed with the current paddling through 3m high waves and avoiding some gnarly looking holes and smashed out the last 12mile section in under an hour.

Camping on a forestry road

Pete in the sunshine with food is happy Pete

All in all an awesome day on the river, amazingly there was no carnage despite the intimidating rapids and big sticky holes. I would highly recommend this run, definitely one of the best days I've had on a river ever!!!

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