Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mini Roadie

A couple of days ago Andreas, Ben and I headed out of the valley on a mini road trip with the intention of showing Ben a bit more of Norway, doing some boating, and visiting our friends in Oppdal.
About an hour and a half out of Jostedal is the highest mountain pass in Norway. The road winds up into the mountains and travels between the Breheimen and Jotunheimen national parks. An ideal place for longboarding as the roads are smooth and there is not too much traffic. It was pretty sweet until the last ride where I started picking up too much speed and the road started getting steeper and steeper. Moral of the story: scout ahead.

Results of bad decision making: separated collarbone, fractured rib, concussion and a night in Lillehammer hospital.

As the hospital in Otta didn't have an xray machine we took a detour to Lillehammer. Although Lillehammer is an hour in the wrong direction there were some positives. Lillehammer has McDonalds and opshops, so the boys got to eat junk food and go shopping. I got to hang out in hospital getting xrays and having people shine bright lights into my eyes while talking to me in languages I didn't understand.

Sod roofed sheds in Oppdal

Lambchops for dinner?

Ben's foot fungi

Dish and Emily's shanty town

We finally arrived in Oppdal 24 hours behind schedule to homemade pizza, yum!

Rockclimbing at the river!

Dish showing the line

The flying Mexican

Getting all European on it

The doctor told me to take it easy so I only did the simple climbs (photo by Ben Koons)

Which way now? Up?

So despite setbacks we achieved pretty much everything we set out to do, Andreas got to go kayaking, we all went rockclimbing and swimming, and Ben got to see the wide world outside of the valley.

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