Monday, July 18, 2011

River Pig Rafting

Some of the rafting carnage so far this season

Elvepurka rapid

Who knew rafts turn so quickly when they leave eddys!!!

This hole is my nemesis

You can see why

Bit of safety kayaking on the side

Oh no!

Boss hog trip

..and Mo was wondering why they didn't want to go for a second round...

Check out the raft shed me and Andreas made in the background... So authentic looking and still standing!!!

Goggles.... Yup...

Fairly standard trip for me right here.

Carnage continues

Pigs nose

Surfing 1


Mo showing me the line

Me trying to follow his line

Andreas on the last hole

uh, yup..

Wow, all my people are in the boat at once, thats unusual!

Crazy Germans

Someone getting artsy with the camera

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  1. Love this picture, looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing!!

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