Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ekstremsportveko is a week long sport and music festival centered in Voss, Norway. What an wicked concept, a week long party showcasing extreme sports and awesome music! See

Luckily our boss at Ice Troll was kind enough to cancel rafting for the week so our entire raft crew could party it up in Voss!

The first night in Voss was pretty wet and we were woken up by a crazy Aussie throwing a stand up paddleboard into the middle of out tent, then jumping up and down on it yelling 'surfs up kiwis' while Mo complained that the waves were getting his sleeping bag wet...

The first few days were a bit rainy...

Luckily the lake stopped rising before our tent was completely submerged and eventually the sun came out to dry out our stuff and let the
river levels come down so we could go paddling.

Andreas on the first race slide (photo by Karine Blikra)

The course for the downhill sprint race on the Brandseth is super sick, it starts with a bouncy slide, has a mint waterfall half way down, and ends with a sweet boof drop which saw quite a few people get pinned in both in practice and in the race.

Our awesome Norwegian support crew!!!

Which way? (Photo by Nina Noberg)

Me on the mint waterfall

Mo looking good through the in between stuff

Team kiwi repped hard, both me and Sam placing 3rd in the Brandseth Downhill and 1st in the Head to Head, Josh won Best Film for the 'todays video' contest and to top all the awesomeness off Fat Freddy's Drop played on Saturday night! It was a bit disappointing that they didn't do an encore even after all the kiwis did a pretty primo haka but apparently it was something to do with some hardcore Norwegian rules about partying having to stop on Sunday, you can't even buy alcohol on Saturday after 6pm! Anyways, it is the most awesome event I've ever been to! Shot everyone involved for hanging out and making it good times!!!!

.... Stoked

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