Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gear Review - IR Drysuit

Immersion Research was nice enough to hook me up with a reasonably cheap drysuit which I've worn at least every second day since I got it about 5 weeks ago. Seeing as I haven't seen many IR Drysuits around I thought I'd do a bit of a gear review in case anyone is interested in its performance.

Dryness: Awesome! Its been pretty sweet jumping off the river feeling warm and dry watching Ryan and Pete complaining about being cold and wet and wringing out their fleeces

Warmth: Sweet, so far I've just been wearing a onesie underneath and thats been warm on glacier melt rivers in Norway and paddling while it was SNOWING in California

Functionality: the entry zipper is on the back of the shoulders, this is good because it makes for a really comfortable fit and doesn't interfere with your paddling. The negative factor is that you can't get into or out of the drysuit by yourself but thats alright cause paddling by yourself is not as fun anyway.

Cool, we just bottled 50 Liters of home brew and I lost my train of thought. IR drysuit, yup, mean, highly recommend it.

Running 'safety' in the middle of the river

One improvement would be to make a girls version with a rear zipper because a front zipper for a girl isn't that useful.


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  2. I'm the staff writer for Wilderness magazine and for our August issue we're doing a feature and I'd like to include a profile on you for this. Please give me an email or a call to arrange an interview and so I can tell you more. 09 570 2658 or josh@lifestylepublishing.co.nz
    Cheers, Josh