Monday, May 14, 2012


After 12 hours on a plane Shilo, Lulu and I arrived at San Francisco airport to blue skies and sunshine yeyah!!! We found Christy, Martina and Chris waiting for us in the arrival lounge and as between us we had 6 kayaks (as if its not bad enough trying to take one kayak on the airplane Lulu had decided to bring two!!!) and six people we sent Lulu and Martina on the train to Auburn and managed to squeeze all our boats onto the roof of Nicole's car (shot Nicole we love you!!!). 

Nicoles car has never looked better!

Our first day in Califonia we jumped on Kyberz for a sweet warm up run, so awesome to be back in summer again!!!

What a bunch of posers!

The next day we decided to step it up a little and got on the South Silver at a good flow. Had a mean day hanging out with a great crew running laps on Autobahn and the Tea Cup rapids. Harmony and Shilo came along for the mish too and helped us out heaps with shuttle running and photos and even ice cold beer at the take out!

 Martina on the teacup rapids (photo by Shilo Gibson)

Nick looking styly as always in the SCUD (photo by Shilo Gibson)

The look on peoples faces when we told them they had to run autobahn blind (a rule for first timers on the South Silver) was priceless! Everyone styled it though with Lou Urwin and Lou Jull competing for the freestyle prize in the hole at the bottom (winner=Lou Urwin)

Me stoking to be back in California!!! (photo by Shilo Gibson) 

Not sure what Lou is doing here but a cool photo by Shilo 

Photo of the photographer (photo by Shilo Gibson) 

Kaitiaki crew (photo by Shilo) 

Christy picking up Cali style boating easy as (photo by Shilo Gibson)

Josh looking super styly on Sky Scraper (photo by Shilo Gibson)

How does he know when to boof??? (photo by Shilo) 

Josh on offramp (yeh Shilo took all these photos) 

Nick Wimsett showing us the way down (photo Shilo)

Tyler playing hide and seek on Plastic Surgery (photo by Shilo) 

I love California!!!! (photo by Shilo) 

Awesome day, awesome crew! (photo by Lou's tripod, set up by Shilo) 

 Bunch of posers at the takeout

A photo not taken by Shilo, I took this one! 

Our lovely lovely Photographer/Shuttle bunnys/providers of cold beer/generally awesome people Harmony and Shilo

Thanks for a mean day everyone!!!

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