Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kaitiaki Adventures

For the last two New Zealand summers I've been hanging out in Rotorua working for Kaitiaki Adventures. Pretty sweet deal really, get to spend most days on the river, plenty of activities to do after work, mountain biking, surfing, climbing and most recently parcore! Having a boss who doesn't mind if you disappear off to the northern hemisphere for 5 months of the year and will give you time off at a moments notice to go on a creeking mission to the south island is pretty good too. Heres some work photos from this summer, enjoy.

 Whose guiding this thing? Taking the trainees down (photo by Dale Thomas)

Coolest bunch of Thai kids (who couldn't swim!) (photo by Jaxon Paraki Webber) 

New Zealand has the highest rate of melanoma skin cancer in the world, Raana handing out the sunscreen so everyone can stay safe out there

Jamie running over the safety kayaker (photo: Dale Thomas) 

 The Kaitiaki touch rugby team... Rotorua Touch Association WINNERS!!!!!

So beautiful in there, its hard to believe its all plastic... (photo by Jaxon Paraki Webber)

Geni "if we both start giggling something bad is about to happen" (photo: Dale Thomas)

Crazy sledgers surfing it up in the bottom hole 


It is always a race... Beating your TL onto the boat is always a good moment (photo: Dale Thomas)

Whats going on here? (photo: Dale Thomas) 

Draxon super safety sledger 

Tutea Falls (photo by Jaxon Paraki Webber)

The millenium to sidesurf line, alway fun guiding with Geni (photo: Dale Thomas) 

Swim that way... Me showing Jordie a flipping good time (photo: Dale Thomas) 

 Man overboard! (photo by Dale Thomas)

 Killa looking a bit shady (photo by Christy Hammond)

Wetsuits are great attire for volleyball in the rain! 

Hana man, kind of like Super Man! 

Geni showing off! 

Crazy sledge monkeys 

Helping the dirtbag kayakers out with their shuttle 

Insurance photo (photo: Dale Thomas) 

Killa helping me out at work 

Joelle claiming it (photo by Dale Thomas)

Wade styling it as per usual   

 Rollercoaster on the Wairoa

Mixing it up a little bit, spot of golf anyone? (photo by Jaxon Paraki Webber)

So thats what I do for work, its a tough job having fun all the time but someones got to do it!!!

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