Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tard Luang

After paddling the Mae Klang we headed back to Chiang Mai for more awesome Thai massages and Noi style french toast (cheap, tasty, heaps of bacon and banana and huge serving size, yum!). Lou was still sick and had to do homework and Josh was sick and broken so Tyler and I left them in Chiang Mai and headed East. Three English guys, who we met earlier showed up at our hotel room all stir crazy from not paddling so they came for the mish too.

Unrunnable waterfall no. 7

The first day was spent looking at waterfalls which either landed on rocks or had sick lead ins which then went through strainers. We then spent a good amount of time following signs that said rapids this way then dead ended in random small towns. We also almost got lost in the mountains, executed way too many U turns, drove erratically while stalking people on scooters, and, as always in Thailand, ate heaps great food.

Scooter stalking (p. Tyler Fox)

Finally we ran out of daylight and started looking for a hotel. Some random Thai guy on a scooter felt sorry for us and led us to an awesome resort. I used my mad bargaining skills to bring the price down to $4.50NZD each including buffet style breakfast. Score!

Tyler chillaxing in our fancy resort room.

The next day we aimed for an early start, missed, and got to the river at around midday without any U turns. Amazing.

Thai dude checking out my paddle

Tyler making my boat watertight for the river.

Tyler on the first slide

Me, this is such a fun drop!! (p. Tyler Fox)

Tyler checking out the probably not so runnable crack/slot rapid
Me on a sweet little drop (p. Tyler Fox)

Tyler demonstrating the boof

I'll fill you in on paddling big waterfalls, nearly getting arrested, and hanging out on tropical islands later.

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