Friday, June 3, 2011

Homestake Creek Race Teva Mountain Games

At about 10am on Wednesday the 1st of June I found out that the Teva Steep Creek Race was actually on Thursday 2nd of June not Friday which I had previously thought. After some indecision where Pete nearly convinced me to stay in California and go creeking instead of racing I decided that with a bit of dedication it was possible to complete the 18hour drive from Coloma, California to Vail, Colorado in time for race registration at 8am.

Lou Urwin unleashing the mongrel

Nikki Kelly with a sick boof

Me trying to remember the lines after 1 1/2 hours sleep (photo by Shilo Gibson)

Shilo, Melissa and I rolled out of Coloma at 11.30am and settled in for a long drive. We arrived in Vail around 6am in time for a quick catnap before heading up to Homestake Creek. The river was at a medium to high level which put it on the good side of manky and made for some great carnage in the bottom hole.

Martina heading through the goalposts

Brendan in his second timetrial

Tyler making it look good

Sam heading through the lower mank section

Mike heading for the tied win

The kiwis repped hard and Nikki and Mike both making it onto the podium, heres the results:

1st Adriene Levknecht
2nd Nikki Kelly
3rd Martina Wegman

1st Mike Dawson
1st Honza Lasko
3rd Jakub Nemec

Big ups to everyone for competing and shot Teva for giving us all a pair of free shoes!!!

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