Saturday, June 4, 2011

South Branch of the Feather

After two days slogging through flat water and sieves on Deer Creek we were seriously thinking about throwing in the towel and heading back to Coloma when Nemo's tire decided to disintegrate on the highway. Fortunately we had just replaced the spare tire but Nemo didn't have a jack so it was Jess and Daan to the rescue.... Again... This situation turned out to be a stroke of luck because while we were changing the tire we decided to head up to the south branch of the feather and check out the flow. A much more desirable plan than heading back to the Coloma Club!

How many kiwis does it take to change a spare tire?

Ryan Lucas on the first gorge

Power pointing Jess away from the sieve just in case she didn't see it for herself

Me hitting up the auto boof

We arrived at the put in to find the river at a good juicy flow but severe lack of warmth and sunlight led to us not putting on the river until after midday.

Pete showing kiwis can fly

"Toni you fire it first then take photos of us"

Daan on one of the million sick boofs

Ryan showing off his gorilla arms

Lodge firing up Kaituna styles



Pete sending Ryan down a funky looking rapid

Ryan firing 99 problems

Despite the high flow and the runout which led into a 100ft death waterfall Ryan fired up 99 problems and made it look super good.

Me firing the 50fter first (Photo by Pete Lodge)

The last drop on this run is a perfect 50fter clean lip, roll off the edge, late tuck into a slight reconnect and pretty much no hit. Super fun! What a good way to end a sweet run and keep you from losing your mind on the brutally steep exit trail.

Me, stoked (Photo by Pete Lodge)

Pete with the line of the day, even popped out upright!

Then the river drops off the face of the earth.

Thanks to Jess, Daan, Ryan and Pete for another awesome day on the river!!!

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