Friday, July 9, 2010

East Kaweah

The East Fork of the Kaweah River is located near Sequoia National Park and drops 1250 feet over 4.3 miles. Recommended flow level is between 400 and 700cfs with 900cfs mentioned as a upper limit juicier flow. We'd been warned about multiple portages through rattlesnake infested poison oak groves and the possibility of a 12 hour day. After making our way down the river in 5 1/2 hours despite two swims both which required throwbag rescues from super retentive holes we couldn't believe people rated this river as the best day run in California. Turned out we'd misjudged the flow gauge and hit the river at 1200cfs. Hopefully we'll get a chance to paddle this run again at a lower flow!!!

Sanga and Jamie on Double Drop (p. Jared)

Me on a nice clean drop (p. Jared)

Jared lining up for the boof

Me dropping in (p. Jared)

Fancy a four way? (p. Jared)

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