Friday, July 2, 2010

Royal Gorge

Sorry for the lack of text on this, I was going to write something then the boys showed up all excited about Dinkey Creek going off so I dropped everything and went with them, now I'm sitting on the curb outside some random Pizza Hut stealing internet. Anyway, Royal Gorge is SIIIIIICK!!!!!! We had been warned about unfriendly land owners with guns and dogs so we were all geared up before we got to the put in, ran straight to the river, and headed downstream super fast. Will, Evan and Drew knew the run super well so we just bombed down after them. Camp 1 was beautiful, right by a 50ft waterfall and someone had set up stone chairs round the campfire pit. Day two you get to run a 50ft waterfall for breakfast followed by a couple of clean 20fters. I'm bored of writing now, these photos don't even do it justice.

Heath 1
Sanga's sick line off Heath 1

Me on Heath 1 - this waterfall is so beautiful with rainbows hidden in the spray (p. Sanga)

Scouting Heath 2 (Evan styled it)

50fter for breakfast - Me on Rattlesnake (p. Bradley)

Evan stoked as to have styled Scott's Drop

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